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Hello there! Here is a little about Blue Mat Pilates

Blue Mat Pilates was established 8 years ago, with the intention of sharing the limitless benefits Pilates can offer, to our Community. We know what it takes to get the body feeling good, less injury prone, and generally stronger and more flexible. We ensure that what we teach is first class, by well-informed, fully qualified Instructors. Our classes are modified where needed, to ensure that each client is offered a safe yet challenging workout session.

We offer Pilates Mat classes, one on one Reformer sessions, Vinyasa Yoga classes and Ballet Barre classes.  Join us at our Hamilton classes or Mt Maunganui classes.

There are two kinds of persons in this world when it comes to Pilates: those who are diehard enthusiasts of Pilates and those who have never even tried or heard about it. Well, if you belong to the latter, then maybe it is time for you to research on the tons of benefits of Pilates. You will realize how powerful it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You may be aware of the good it can give you, but you cannot join in groups because you may find it expensive, then I believe it is time for you to change your thoughts. It is not bad for you to have a promo code so that you can avail of the latest discounts when you avail of online shopping services. Do not worry for the cost, instead make yourself find the peace so that you will ultimately become stronger and more flexible and at the same healthier not just physically, but mentally and emotionally.

Hello there!Why Pilates?

There are a million and one different types of exercises that you can do in order to improve health, maintain your fitness or whatever reason you may have. As such, you may be wondering, why Pilates? For starters, you don’t need any special equipment to do it as all you really need is enough space to get the full range of motion and the time to do it which doesn’t involve much. The learning curve is also perfect for even the most novice of beginners, so that’s something. If you really want to get the most out of Pilates though, you may want to take a class so that you can get guidance for a safe and efficient practice. There are dominos promo code features available to help you save too.

If you want to strengthen your pelvis and abdomen at the same time to maintain an excellent posture, then most probably Pilates is best for you. When you are doing yoga, but you want to have a more intense workout, then this kind of exercise is for you. It could give a tougher connection of the body and mind that could benefit you in many ways. It is also perfect for toning and strengthening your core as well as for improving your flexibility.

However, it should be noted that this kind of exercise is generally not a strength building program. Instead, you still need other kinds of exercises that could help build your calf or arm muscles. Furthermore, it involves certain breathing techniques and precise moves. This could be demanding, but if you are still a beginner, you should start slowly. Just like any other exercises, Pilates requires you to wear appropriate attire for a more comfortable and better result. If you want to save more, avail of the best offers from online shopping sites in India.


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